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Crowdfunding para tratamento FIP facilitado !

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Pitești, RO

Peritonita infecțioasă acuta

Pisicuța mea are mare nevoie de ajutorul vostru. Deja a slăbit foarte mult ...

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Larnaca, CY

Fight fip

Dear friendsLast week my cat Mina has been diagnosed with FIP wet version. ...

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Aradippou, CY

Save Agatha the cat

Agatha is our family cat, a lovely Cypriot rescue. She appeared in our gard...

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A Peritonite Infecciosa Felina, também conhecida como PIF, é uma infecção viral que aflige anualmente cerca de 1 a 2% da população felina global.  A PIF é fatal se não tratada, com uma taxa de mortalidade estimada de ~96%.  


Um avanço médico foi feito quando pesquisadores dos EUA descobriram a eficácia do uso do medicamento antiviral GS-441524 para tratar a FIP.  Nos últimos 4 anos, um número crescente de médicos está usando o GS-441524 para tratar a PIF, e seu uso se espalhou globalmente, salvando inúmeros gatos.

Na BASMI FIP™, estamos trabalhando incansavelmente para levar este tratamento FIP eficaz aos donos de gatos e profissionais veterinários em toda a Ásia, para que eles possam usá-lo para salvar a vida de seus gatos.

Arrecadações anteriores


Warszawa, PL

Cegiełka na życie

Mom adopted me 3 years ago. I have a felv so my chances of getting a home were close to zero. Mom wanted me anyway. I felt fine for three years until one day I stopped eating, lost weight and became sad.Several doctors said it was FIP and nothing could be done, that I had to die.Fortunately, this is not true, but the treatment is very expensive and mom will not be able to pay for it in full. We need help buying more vials.Every cent counts.THANK YOU!

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Mörrum, SE

Help us cure fip

Boranji is a boy who was rescued along with his mom and siblings at the dump in summer of 2022. A few weeks after his rescue he was diagnosed with a eyeinfection and treated for this. Everything seemed good. In late november we found him a good new home but all of a sudden Boranji lost appetite and did not want to be close. We took him home again and noticed something was very wrong. From one day to another he could not stand on his legs and his body did not carry him. We took him to the vet and he was hospitalized for one month, not sure if he would survive. He was soon diagnosed with toxoplasma and neurofip and treatment was started. After a few days we noticed a difference and Boranji made his way back to life. We got him back home and continued treatment at a nursing home where we put him, due to the risks of bringing him back home to a house full of cats and dogs and the chances of him becoming more injured from the high playgrounds and other playful kittens. Now his foster brother have also been diagnosed with fip and is under treatment and two more cars will be tested for the disease.  We are now raising this fund to the medicines. We are a small Rescue organisation that needs all the help we can get to be free from this disease. Any help would help us so please donate.

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Thessaloniki, GR


Odin found blind on the streets of Greece. He lost one eye and after the operation and medical treatment he was diagnosed with dry fip He is a strong fighter and hat to win the chance to win this battle. Please help

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